Car insurance for the over fifties - a growing market.

A user's first impression upon clicking onto is the lack of gimmicks and superfluous imagery; the text is clinical and laid out in an easy-to-find manner under four tabs - Home, Buying Cheaper Insurance, Insurance Traps To Avoid and Useful Info. There is also a link on each page within the site to allow you to quickly compare insurance quotes via

The 'Home' page features an overview of all the information that any discerning insurance-seeker over the age of fifty should require. It provides quick and helpful points to consider regarding excess advice, information on average insurance premiums by age, payment methods and thoughts on 'bundling' insurance packages to ensure the best deal. As such, the page is a comprehensive overview; but some readers may be put off by the sheer volume of text.

Under the 'Buying Cheaper Insurance' tab, the site gives a brief overview of the pros and cons of buying via a price comparison website - rightly pointing out that the convenience and free gifts that are obtainable can mask the fact that sometimes it may be better for those with specialist requirements to go directly to an insurer. As well as this, it offers specific advice for high-risk drivers, females and those who are claiming for minor accidents.

'Insurance Traps To Avoid' is a particularly beneficial tab - particularly for some over 50s who may not be as au fait with some insurance companies' less scrupulous acts. As well as warning of a common scam regarding cancelling insurance, this section details how to avoid having to pay extra fees (for things such as add-ons and automatic renewals) as well as offering advice about data protection.

'Useful Info', as the name suggests, provides helpful information about both insurance (complaints, trends going forward) and driving in general (emergency equipment, winter driving, the best cars for over 50s). Some may find parts of this tab slightly irrelevant, but the tips and advice contained within are sure to resonate with many drivers - young and old.

Although the site navigation leaves something to be desired (having to scroll to the top of the page to click each new section is not ideal), the content contained within the site is factual, impartial and - above all - useful. is highly
recommended to anyone over fifty before they next renew their car insurance.

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