We all live on the one planet.

Industry, science and politics throughout the world can act as a single entity to preserve and enhance our mutual environment.


Living an Eco-Friendly lifestyle

Modern lifestyles have placed our earth in danger and with waste from six billion people in the atmosphere and waters, an eco-friendly lifestyle is a way of improving our health while protecting the natural resources and reducing waste as much as we can.

At home

It is important to note that a transition to an eco-friendly lifestyle is a gradual process. It takes time to change a lifestyle and home is the place to begin. A bio pot is a superb idea for food waste. Everything apart from banana skins and meat can go into the bio pot including coffee granules and tea bags. There are many bio pots that are available and as long as emptied everyday there is no risk of infection. Disposal of waste from the bio pot is easy. A local farmer will always have a compost pile or for the inner city areas, bag up and find your local allotment area and dispose of safely.

Change all the light bulbs in your home to the energy saving ones. Turn off all unused sockets and get into the habit of doing this. If you have hard floors in your home, then a sweep with a broom each day to keep dust and mites out as opposed to hoovering everyday is a more eco-friendly option.

Grow your own herbs. Make sure you stick to recycling regimes that are in operation by your local councils. Curtail those nasty plastic bags from supermarkets and buy a recycled large shopping bag that is sturdy and remember to take with you each time you go to the supermarket.

Small changes as you go along will all help to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Household waste is something that most people don't think about, it is simply thrown out. Many home retailers offer cheap solutions as a way of disposing of household waste, healthily and conveniently and with more and refillable options becoming available it is quite simple to begin to reduce waste. Use less electricity by reducing the use of household items such as washing machines and dishwashers in an orderly fashion and dispose of household electrical items no longer needed by using options such as Freecycle and other recycling websites that are now widely available. Work out how to reduce fuel consumption and utilise if available, public transport as much as you can. Public transport will run and why not use it? With oil prices the way they are, it will be a cheaper option for the family budget.

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