We all live on the one planet.

Industry, science and politics throughout the world can act as a single entity to preserve and enhance our mutual environment.


Protecting Our Environment

While the very real threat of climate change has garnered much attention in recent years, there exist other ecological threats which present significant dangers to civilisation and the environment as a whole. It is therefore important to examine a few of the most relevant in relation to humanity.

One of the most critical yet understated threats comes from the rapid extinction of species on a global level. Our organic system is based on a hierarchical scale, and therefore such organisms as phytoplankton essentially represent the backbone of the food chain. Should chemical alteration of the oceans occur on a large scale, the entire food chain may indeed begin to collapse in a relatively short amount of time. The same can be said regarding bees and the pollination of flowers along with worms which aerate the soil, allowing plants to thrive.

Human disease is another factor which needs to be carefully considered. Should a potentially fatal disease mutate to become an airborne pathogen, millions or billions could perish globally. Such mutations may occur naturally or be caused by chemical byproducts of industry or even medicine. If we consider such an easily communicable disease and factor in worldwide travel, the ability to spread from continent to continent may in fact endanger humanity as a whole. Furthermore, should such a disease have a relatively long incubation period, detecting and combating it would prove difficult, if not impossible.

While nuclear war is an obvious threat, it is mentioned here because many individuals are living under the misconception that since the end of the Cold War this threat has all but vanished. In fact, there are many who believe the contrary. The danger of a rogue nation state developing and deploying such a weapon is a real concern. If we combine this with the aging infrastructure of many old weapons systems, the threat of an accidental launch and subsequent retaliatory strike are more real now than in the past. Should such an event occur, humanity itself may face a protracted extinction.

Although the aforementioned threats are known to most, an astronomical event such as a large impact event or gamma ray burst also represent extinction level events. The real danger is that mankind may have little warning of an asteroid impact and hardly no warning of a gamma ray burst. These and the previously mentioned scenarios are but a few ecological threats which exist and may have to be faced by humanity in the near future.

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