We all live on the one planet.

Industry, science and politics throughout the world can act as a single entity to preserve and enhance our mutual environment.


People Who Are Protecting Our Environment Today

While one must not detract from the conservationists of the past which have helped to shape the modern environmental movement, it is important to recognise some of the present-day champions which have ushered in a new era of awareness through their campaigns. It proves wise to briefly take a look at some of the most well-known of these individuals and examine what impacts they have brought about.

Al Gore is one of the current personalities that have increased worldwide awareness of some of the most dire threats humanity faces; in particular the drastic impact global warming may have on future generations. Using the power of the internet in the age of multimedia he has penned literature on the subject as well as produced numerous films which examine the potential catastrophic conditions should humanity not change its current course. Using his political experience and numerous connections to increase public awareness, he is considered one of the most famous present day activists.

While the political arena has been used for such activism in modern times, the entertainment industry has also spawned numerous environmentally conscious individuals. Robert Redford in particular is widely known for taking a proactive stance and has promoted numerous campaigns which reflect this position. Moat notably, he has been referred to as an admirer of the late Edward Abbey who was a proponent of conservation of the United States deserts in the southwest. While originally a supporter of president Obama, he has lately criticised his lack of follow through on environmental policies which were outlined in the beginning of his administration.

The circle of environmental advocates would not be complete without mentioning many musicians who actively support saving our natural resources. One of the most prominent figures to date who has been involved in such advocacy for the past few decades is Carole King. After having become a supporter in the late 1970īs, she has been campaigning for the preservation of the Rocky Mountains and has testified before congress in efforts to pass an environmental protection act specifically designed to protect this ecosystem which can still be considered pristine by many standards.

These individuals represent but a handful of those who are currently involved in environmental concerns during these modern times. Due to the increased ease of global communications, it may be argued that the scope and the reach of these campaigns is more effective than that of past activists.