We all live on the one planet.

Industry, science and politics throughout the world can act as a single entity to preserve and enhance our mutual environment.


How Our Environment Must Be Protected In The Future

It's hard to argue that the safety of the environment isn't in good hands. There are plenty of individuals and organisations that have put the dangers of climate change high on their agenda as well as taking succinct steps to preserve our existing environment and ensuring it maintains a bright future. There is a plethora of ways in which to keep up appearances but in order to protect it, there are definitely more astute methods which can be incorporated:


It's important to differentiate from recycling; by re-use, this could mean a whole host of things. Items used everyday such as bags, containers, yoghurt pots and even bizarre things such as rainwater, can be reused. Use as much as you can, whether it's something like paper, and ensure that you don't waste hot water. If you have got enough rainwater, consider using it in the garden opposed to turning on the hose.


Pollution is formed from the petrol we put in our cars and so if a journey can be achieved via walking or cycling, then that will help significantly and also it reduces the carbon dioxide output as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle. Elsewhere, litter can be a problem; it's not degradable and can end up in drains. Harmful substances used in the house shouldn't find themselves down the drain either and should be replaced by eco-friendly products.


Electrical devices use a whole lot of energy and in a technologically orientated society, it's important to make efficient use of it. Turn off the TV when you're not watching it and turn off the lights that don't need to be on. Turn them off at the wall (standby is not good enough) and take care with the fridge which exhibits a lot of energy to keep the food cool. Electricity is produced from natural resources and it's imperative that it's not wasted. Save money by using good websites such as carinsurancefor1day.co.uk.


Many of the things we take for granted are made from natural resources and can be recycled. By recycling things like glass, cardboard and paper, we're preventing more energy being released on creating new bottles and containers. Additionally, recycled paper saves trees and plastic should be avoided as it's difficult to recycle. Ensure they are recycled in the correct locations, such as Recycle Banks, and even consider donating to select charities which will help the process.

Threats to the environment

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