We all live on the one planet.

Industry, science and politics throughout the world can act as a single entity to preserve and enhance our mutual environment.


How renewable energy may be generated in the future

For years, fossil fuels have been marked as the primary culprit responsible for global warming. Worsening weather patterns, increasing incidences of natural disasters and environmental pollution have seemingly turned the once divisive topic into a reality. Governments and businesses worldwide have turned their attention to reducing damaging carbon emissions in an effort to curb the effects of global warming. Consequently, renewable energies, such as wind, solar and hydro power, have emerged as necessary investments for providing future fuel requirements.

Governments Pushing Forward With Renewable Energy

Governments worldwide continue to invest in renewable energy and offer subsidies to its industries. As well as polluting the environment with emissions, fossil fuels are dwindling in supply. Coal, gas and oil prices are fluctuating, and businesses and consumers alike are feeling the burden of rising prices. In response to the potential fossil fuel crisis, the European Union pledged in 2010 that its member states would strive to provide 20 per cent of all energy from renewable sources. This change is due to be made by 2020, in the hopes that a gradual progression toward carbon-free energy requirements can be made. Similar efforts are being made across the globe and, although such targets are ambitious, precedents such as these show that a keen interest is being taken in these new forms of energy.

Big Business In New Energy

Renewable energy has emerged as a viable and sustainable industrial sector. Renewable energy industries are expanding, and they continue to create thousands of new jobs in commercial, construction and research fields. Existing industries, too, have taken initiatives, and many multinational corporations have pledged to reduce their carbon emissions in favour of cleaner energy.

Renewable Energy In The Home

Although it may be a long time before a typical household's energy needs are completely supplied by renewable energy sources, many people have took it upon themselves to personally invest in sustainable energy. Affordable household solar panels have risen in popularity in recent years, and for many the cost of installation is offset by the potential savings on gas and electricity usage. Attitudes toward renewable energy have changed drastically in recent years. More and more people are realising the urgency in which fossil fuels have to be replaced. However, although changes are being made, the planet is still dependent on the likes of gas, oil and coal. The financial investment and research required to completely replace them with renewable energy is vast, and it has yet to be proven whether these new forms of energy can completely accommodate the planet's fuel requirements for future years to come.

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